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A Sad Day for Madison Bicycling. A Sadder Day for Good Governance

Friday, November 19th, 2010

It’s budget season, and it gotten ugly. Here’s Traffic Engineering’s personnel budget.

Go down to “Pedestrian Bike Coordinator” (Arthur Ross). Note that it is zeroed out in the Executive Budget.

Now look one line below it and you’ll see — magically — “Bicycle and Ped. Prog. Mgr.” with a salary approximately 10% less than Arthur’s current salary. Apparently this is Mayor Pave’s sneaky way of dumping Arthur. And saving a few bucks at the expense of quality bicycle & pedestrian planning. As I say in my letter below to my alder, Marsha Rummel, there are issues to be dealt with regarding pedestrian & bicycle planning in this city, but this thing stinks to high heaven. There are better ways of getting to where we need to get to (as I discuss below….) than an underhanded, passive aggressive canning. (And it is exactly these sorts of mayoral shenanigans that potential *quality* candidates steer clear from, as we’ve seen in the repeated failures of the planning director searches.)

But had this been even discussed on the local bikies listserv? Nope.

Any cyclist opposition voiced at the budget hearings? Nope.

Did any leading local bike advocates & professionals know about this? Yup. Apparently several.

Did they say anything to the broader cycling community in a timely manner? Nope.

I didn’t find out about this situation until the day before the hearings (completely by chance), and tried my best to mount some opposition (emailing alders, alerting other cyclists, etc.), and we might have gotten a couple of votes from that effort, but it was all too little, too late. The Maniaci/Cnare amendment to restore the funding for the ped/bike coordinator was defeated in a 10-10 tie, broken by Mayor Pave himself. Arthur is soon to be out of a job.  (Brenda has some sketchy details on the testimony Arthur gave at the public hearings on the budget (see at the bottom of the post).)

What we have here is a case of Human Resources Management run amok. Personnel Management by passive-aggressive fiat. A return to the cronyism, sinecures, and  patronage of the Gilded Age. A trip in the Way Back Machine to the 19th century when civil service was routinely ransacked on political whims.

Mayor Pave, Der Über-Decider.

The episode also speaks to the sorry state of local bike advocacy right now.

The moral failures all around sadden me greatly.


From an email sent 11/15/2010

Hi Marsha,
It has just come to my attention that Arthur’s job is slated for slashing. If I understand correctly, it is being replaced by a bike coordinator of a different description. This is dirty pool by any measure. It is the worst of passive-aggressive personnel management.

Look, I’ve had many a disagreement with Arthur over the years. Possibly more than just about anyone in the entire city. But I know that the root of the problem resides echelons above him. The engineers define his job as toeing their line and being their PR flak when things get politically rough on the bike front. His job has depended on him toeing that line, he’s toed it, and now that the bike movement has heated up beyond their intellectual capacity to comprehend, they want to pitch him to show that they are doing something. Anything. And from what I’ve seen, even the engineers’ misbehavior can be laid at the feet of policy makers above them.

Thus, I think the reason that Arthur is being pitched is failure at levels far above him. He’s the fall guy, pure & simple.

Yet, there is no one in the country who is more knowledgeable than Arthur on things bicycle and pedestrian. For years we have had the opportunity to engage that knowledge but have chosen not to. For example, I credit Arthur with first coming up the idea of the pedestrian-bicycle grid. He has tried to get other staffers and policy makers to understand it [to no avail]. I listened though. I tried (usually in vain) to get the ped/bike grid notion implemented on the ground while I served on UDC. I’ve researched it in depth and the concept is still valid, and still unimplemented in Madison in the 21st century. The lack of the ped/bike grid is the #1 reason bicycling & walking lags so miserably out beyond the beltline. But Brad Murphy & Larry Nelson don’t care, so it doesn’t happen.

Ok, so we pitch Arthur and get a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, twenty-something in there. Then what? Set them to the wolves at City Engineering & Traffic Engineering and cheer & jeer as they get mauled? I’m hoping that whatever the outcome, this issue of bullying engineers gets resolved.

It is my understanding that Alds. Maniaci & Cnare are sponsoring an amendment to restore Arthur’s current position. I support their amendment.

Thanks for considering this.

Mike Barrett

Green Your Home + Boost Sustainable Atwood!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

It’s easy!


  • Get a home energy evaluation, Sustainable Atwood gets $25!
  • Make one—just one!—home energy improvement based on the evaluation, Sustainable Atwood gets another $25!

Here are the three simple steps to follow:

  1. Call any participating Focus on Energy home performance evaluator listed below. Schedule an evaluation.
  2. Show her/him this email/link. (Or just tell them UrbanThoreau LLC sent you.) $25 of the referral bonus* then goes to Sustainable Atwood!
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That’s it!

Here’s what would happen if just 100 homeowners completed these three simple steps:

  • Energy costs would go down
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  • $5000 would go to our neighborhood’s sustainability champion while furthering its mission at the same time!

Home performance evaluations and energy efficiency improvements get right to the heart of Sustainable Atwood’s mission “to measure, evaluate, expand and create sustainable practices, designs and systems in our neighborhood of 6000 residents.”

Participating Home Performance Evaluators:

Mark Fredenberg
2445 Gaston Road
Cottage Grove, WI  53527-9763

Mark Kanvik
Consultant, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Mark Lydon
Artisan Energy LLC

Laura Paprocki
Environmental Engineer, Energy Consultant
Trinity Environmental LLC
5001 Wallace Ave.
Monona WI 53716

Steve Pipson
Energy Evaluator, LEED AP
157 Jackson St.
Madison, WI 53704

*Where does this money come from? The state’s energy efficiency program, Focus on Energy, has long promoted energy evaluations and energy efficiency improvements through a cash rewards program. A group of independent Focus on Energy (FoE) Allies have come together to make an incredible, no-strings-attached offer to donate a significant portion of their FoE rewards to Sustainable Atwood.

**Must be verified by your consultant as meeting Focus on Energy criteria in a post-test report.

This offer is contingent upon Focus on Energy’s continued reward program for referrals, evaluations, and improvements. All FoE allies are independent contractors. As such, no individual ally is responsible for a commitment made by others. Any ally may withdraw from this offer at any time for any reason.

In sum, this offer is a gift, not a contract.

The offer is only valid for homeowners in the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara boundaries. Other neighborhood organizations are encouraged to ask about joining in on the fun.

For more information feel free to contact Mike Barrett, Principal, Lead Researcher, and Energy Efficiency Coach at UrbanThoreau LLC: 608-345-2621;;

UrbanThoreau LLC is a Focus on Energy Ally.

Special thanks to Mark Kanvik and Twink Jan-McMahon for helping develop this fundraising program!