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Na’avi Kickin’ Some Ass & Takin’ Some Names

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Ok, so let’s see, the best equipped, best trained most ferociously powerful army ever fielded in the history of the world seeks to subdue a medieval country equipped with nothing better than WW I equipment, and virtually no formal military training….sounds like the makings of a rout, eh?

But sometimes, hollywood fantasies turn out to be more accurate predictors of the future than the Pentagon’s macho-man plans. Indeed, it looks like the greatest army is tucking tail and slinking back to base after getting its ass kicked by third world (barely) villagers.

The abovelinked NYT article ends with this:

Looking back, soldiers say the effort shows how choices made from a lack of understanding or consultation with local people can drive them into the arms of the insurgents.

“We had the best intentions, but when you don’t fully understand the culture” it is impossible to make the right choices, said Major Fussell.

Gee, ya think?

For a little insider perspective, consider this: back when I was in the Green Machine (mid-late 80s), I was constantly derided by my fellow officers for doing wacky — and extremely un-manly — things like learning the language of the place we were stationed or training in (fluent in Italian, pretty good with German, and even picked up a little Turkish). Actually engaging the locals — which I had a very bad habit of doing — was particularly horrifying for them. I was obviously not destined to last long in that environment. But at least I was able to inflict maximum irritation upon the manly-men while serving. (Can you tell I’m a Holden Caulfield fan?!)

I’d like to think that maybe they will learn a lesson from their travails in Iraq & Afghanistan, but I doubt it. I’ve talked with enough of those who stayed in. They don’t get it. My generation of officers came up in the shadows of Viet Nam. Our training, by officers who had served there, was meant to help us avoid the mistakes of that war. The manly-men who got promoted from my generation are the ones in charge now, making the exact same mistakes as their predecessors in Viet Nam.

They really don’t get it.

But it isn’t their job to get it, really. They are trained to do what they do and that’s it. A big part of what they do is taking orders from civilians in charge. That’s us. We appoint, through a vote, the people who give them their marching orders.

So as you recoil in horror to the latest gruesome videotaped slaughter, keep in mind, the dogs of war have been loosed for one and only one reason: to satisfy gluttonous, deathmobiling lifestyle Americans insist on maintaining. Lust for the Unobtainium-based lifestyle as it were. Expect more slaughter of the Na’avi in the pursuit of it. But remember the karmic ending.

And here’s another good description of the karmic process at work as Jesus H. Obama’s drone strikes obliterate international law and shred our own constitution.

JHO Morphs into LBJ

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

This past spring I started to compare Jesus H. Obama’s war lust in the outback of central Asia to LBJ’s little misadventures in an obscure corner of said continent* a few decades ago. It looks like the smart people are starting to catch on, and I’ve taken to chronicling those comparisons. This latest comparison came from someone who should know: He was a reporter in the escalation days of Viet Nam.

Indeed, it is a very bad sequel….

1967 = 2009
Escalation = Increase Footprint.
Hearts & Minds = “Disrupt, Dismantle, and Defeat al-Qaeda”
Burning the Village to Save It = Smart Bombing the Village to Save It
General William Westmoreland = General Stanley McChrystal
Objective: “Peace With Honor” = Objective: “We’ll know It When We See It”

More comparisons to come, I’m sure…..

*People! Remember your Risk (you know, the board game): Asia cannot be held! It is a continent of quagmires for all empires, past & future alike!

Afghanist Nam

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Hey look, here’s another one! The really, really, smart people over at the NYT just figured out what I’ve been saying all along about President Jesus H. Obama’s War.

It is just amazing how the people of the poorest nations on earth have been able to beat the mightiest military forces ever assembled. Not once, not twice, but several times during my lifetime. There should be some courts martial for basic military incompetence. Then there should be some good ol’ fashioned show trials of the politicians who started & stoked these inane wars in the first place. I wonder when the tough guys will figure out that you can’t win wars–no matter how mighty the military–when you don’t have morality on your side.