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Western Dane Coalition for Smart Growth and Environment Endorsements

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Vote TUESDAY!!!!!!!

Western Dane County Coalition for Smart Growth and Environment has their endorsements out for the county board races. It is imporatant for all of the reasons they cite….

Best Dane County Board election choices for smart growth and environment

We strongly recommend for re-election to the Dane County Board incumbent supervisors in ten contested elections. These county leaders have played significant roles in supporting smart growth, as opposed to urban sprawl that destroys Dane’s remaining farmlands and open spaces; a rational public transportation and transit system; protection of the environment of our land and water resources; and comprehensive planning for a sustainable Dane future.

Our top choices and their district numbers:  Elaine Desmidt (3); Brett Hulsey (4); Matt Veldran (7); Paul Rusk (12); Dave De Felice (16); Robin Schmidt (24); Kyle Richmond (27); Pat Downing (30); Patrick Miles (34); Denise Duranczyk (35).

We also endorse the following seven newcomer candidates, whom we think will also support sustainable policies for Dane County, and who are running in contested county board elections: Michael Johnson (5); Barbara McKinney (15); Melissa Sargent (18); Bill Clausius (19); Gordon Shea (20); Sharon Corrigan (26); Sam Cooke (33).

Finally, we look forward another two years of quality public service from eight county board candidates with proven leadership and support records, who are running in uncontested districts: Chairman Scott McDonell (1); Barbara Vedder (2); 1st vice chair John Hendrick (6); Carousel Andrea Bayrd (8); Dianne H Hesselbein (9); Jeremy Levin (10); Al Matano (11); Chuck Erickson (13); Tom Stoebig (17); 2nd vice chair Shelia Stubbs (23).


Arnold Harris


Stefi Harris;


Co-founders of the Western Dane Coalition for Smart Growth and Environment

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