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Surprise! Surprise! Budgetary Surprise! (Not!)

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Wow, what a budget surprise!


I love these told-ya-so moments. Actually, I don’t. I just wish our elected leaders weren’t so easily intimidated by engineers who demand giant highways. I wish instead that they would listen to their constituents who have researched this stuff so that we can move forward to a better, less paved, place.

It’ll be interesting to see if our new crop of alders are alert to the wastefulness of creating places that suck through highway expansion. Brenda has an interesting take on it (make sure to read down through the comments as well).

The big question is, will the tough-guy engineers be able to stare down & intimidate the elected officials into compliance as they traditionally have. Judging from our last neighborhood council meeting, that ugly history will likely repeat itself. I asked my alder, Marsha Rummel point blank what questions she asked when the capital paving budget was presented to the city council a couple of weeks ago. Her reply: “We weren’t allowed to ask questions. It was an informational presentation.” We know who is boss, when city councillors are intimidated from asking questions — at a city council meeting — about the biggest item in the city budget.



Mayor Pave Outsources Press Officer Position to Wisconsin State Journal

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Mosiman’s latest news release for his boss, Mayor Pave.

And the Wisconsin State Journal’s rightist editors are hearing footsteps…..

Mayor Pave Spotted at Eastside Tavern

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Mayor Pave, long absent from the Eastside, was spotted tonight at the Harmony Bar. His sycophantic entourage was in tow. All noses at his table were brown. There was a wide arc of emptiness between his group of yes-(wo)men and the rest of the bar patronage, as the regulars recoiled at his presence.

Yeah, ick.

There you have it. After years of dumping on the Eastside for its neighborhood activism, Bürgermeister Beton* is Back, lookin’ for votes in the voting-est ward in the city. Yup, the very ward that put him over the top in ’03. And yup, the same ward he screwed over with his fascistic bus service slashes to pay for his Autobahnen to the ‘burbs.

This time, we have choices….and more choices….We beat his type before, we’ll do it again.

*That’s concrete auf Deutsch.

Mosiman Promotes the Pave

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Mayor Pave that is.

The editorial board got in on the action today as well.

I guess Mayor Pave scored an editorial bifecta as it were.

Both pieces read like they came straight from the mayor’s office. Mosiman’s read like a newsrelease stenographed straight onto the front page. The editorial read just like a blog post by Mayor Pave himself. Oh, wait, there it is, the exact mayoral blog post copied almost word for word by City Stenographer, Dean Mosiman!

Mayor Pave & the rightists at the Wisconsin State Journal seem to be very much in goose — er, lockstep: Pave Here, Pave Now! Pave, baby, Pave!

Exhibit A: Mayor Pave's Bloated Roads to Nowhere

Of course, Mosiman and the rightist editors glossed over Mayor Pave’s highway expansion budget which is increasing at 10 times the rate of inflation + population growth. TEN TIMES! It is interesting how, in the minds of the manly-men on the WSJ editorial board along with Stenographer Mosiman, fiscal conservatism never seems to apply to road expansion.

In academe it’s called cognitive dissonance. I call it hypocrisy.

The Dying Mainstream Media can’t die fast enough.

P.s. I’m getting a kick out of the street sweeping happening at 10 PM tonight in my neighborhood; I wonder how much that is costing in overtime! Is it happening because the mayor will be up for election next spring and my ward votes more than any other ward in the city? Or is it just that robotic reflex: Must. Serve. Cars. Must. Serve. Cars. Must. Serve. Cars. Must. Serve. Cars. Must.

Mosiman, the Mayor’s Mandarin

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Mosiman continues to pump out corporate PR pieces on the front page of Madison’s daily, dying mainstream media outlet. This piece is all about creating an atmosphere of inevitability for the Edgewater project. The central message is: Ignore the little people; they have nothing to say.

Yet another data point proving the long, slow, painful death of monopolistic dailies is an act of cosmic justice.

The only reliable local outlet for daily news is right here.

Edgewater: Mosiman Churns Out Hammes PR

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Once again, Dean Mosiman pumps out what could easily pass as a corporate PR piece straight out of Bob Dunn’s office.

It doesn’t even rise to the level of stenographic journalism. Pitiful.

Too bad our Plan Commission is packed with people who simply don’t understand the concept of appropriate scale.

Then there is Herr Schumacher, bossy & derisive as ever, labeling a proposal to bring the project into proportion with its context, “borderline absurd.”

Borderline might better describe the view he sees in the mirror.

At least the UDC still has a large minority who understand the issue of context. Unfortunately, it was a minority. And we got no help when it counted from my own alder, Marsha Rummel, on this one. (It has become abundantly clear that spatial, contextual issues are not her forte, nor does she seem interested in ramping up that knowledge. But as I explained in my last post, that is a weakness most progressives cling to.)

Unbelievable just how easily progressives cave.

Mayor Pave Drives Off A Budgetary Cliff

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Wisconsin State Journal headline screams:

“Madison to face budget deficit for the first time in at least 20 years.”

Wow. We had no idea this was coming, now did we?

As usual, Dean “the last journalist standing” Mosiman gives Mayor Pave a pass, and fails to address the root cause of the emerging budget catastrophe: Mayor Pave’s paving proclivities. (I guess sycophancy pays off).

For a better perspective on how paving has produced this very-predicted budget catastrophe check out this key quote from that abovelinked November 2008 Op-Ed regarding 2009’s budget:

This is a highway-heavy road budget, as anti-green as it gets. And when I say anti-green, I’m not necessarily talking about the tree-hugging kind. This budget is bad for our economy. The emphasis on cul-de-sacs, cars and sprawl sets us up for broken budgets forever.

Forever just started.

And forever is getting worse given 2010’s continued paving spree (more critique here).

Note to Madison’s pliant council: You can’t go on jacking up paving budgets by double digits, year after year, and expect to achieve responsible budgets. You simply cannot. Cut up the credit card (i.e., rein in all that roadbuilding debt), sharpen your pencils, and set up a budget that is within your means. You’ll find that supporting deathmobiling to the exclusion of all else just won’t be sustainable economically, much less environmentally.

Mayor Pave on the March: Massive Paving Budget Passes

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

They passed it. On a voice vote (for all intents & purposes, unanimously).

Mayor Pave is on the march.

And the zombies on the council are following.

Meanwhile, Dean Mosiman, ‘dean’ of the local Dying Mainstream Media completely missed the record borrowing for paving in the budget he ‘covered.’ He could only focus on Ald. Jed Sanborn’s tantrums against projects that actually improve our quality of life. (What is it about fiscal conservatives and their hatred of fun?)

The fact that not one “progressive” member of the council stood up to the massive paving spree is continuing proof that there are no friends of the enivronment, our health, or fiscal prudence at the political level in Madison, Wisconsin. Indeed, I’d agree with Mikhail Gorbachev’s recent assessment that

There is the wall between those who cause climate change and those who suffer the consequences. There is the wall between those who heed the scientific evidence and those who pander to vested interests. And there is the wall between the citizens who are changing their own behavior and want strong global action, and the leaders who are so far letting them down.

By passing this pro-car budget, our local leaders ignored the scientific evidence regarding car emissions and global climate catastrophe; instead they pandered to the shrinking-but-still-powerful motoring interests. They ignored the fact that their own constituents are indeed “changing their own behavior” and consciously driving less than they have in a generation. (Yes, driving has been down year-over-year for three years in a row in Madison, Wisconsin. The only mode of transportation to increase? Bicycling.) They are ignoring the local calls to action (and here, and here, and here, etc., et cetera, Et Cetera).

Our local leaders have, as Gorby said, let us down. Gorby was a brave leader who had the guts to open up his Stalinist system to the light of day and let it wither and die a relatively peaceful death. Our leaders, unfortunately, cling to a failed ideology; an ideology of car-worship that rivals Stalinism in its brutal results. The evidence is all around us: the carnage on our streets; the destruction of our climate; the cascading fiscal catastrophes emanating from the automobile industry out to the cul-de-sacs; and then the obvious — our recent oil-wars in Iraq & Afghanistan (and those are just appetizers for more oil wars to come).

Mayor Pave, Tear Down That Wall of Paving!

Mayor Pave Kills Bus Ridership

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Gee, ya think? The MSM finally catches up to what we’ve all been saying would happen for years now, and most especially during the last budget cycle when Mayor Pave rammed through a draconian 33% increase in bus fares. Fares go up; ridership goes down. It’s the ol’ supply & demand. Econ 101, people.

But the MSM never would have noticed it had former alder–and Mayor Pave’s bête noir– Brenda Konkel not posted her analysis last Friday. Once again, the intrepid blogging masses are driving the news cycle and keeping lazy journalists in check. I mean, that article was sheer sycophancy. Not one person outside of the mayor’s circle was quoted. I’m predicting that Joe Tarr will be the next communications director for Mayor Pave.

In any case, looking at the numbers on ridership, I said as much in an Isthmus column last year before budget time:

The loss of bus ridership due to rising fares and declining service means more congestion, longer commute times and less available parking for everyone who drives.

A lot of us said as much. Too bad we’ve got a mayor who is incapable of listening. To sense.